Zen in Zentherapy®

Zentherapy®  is recognised as a Way(Do)

Freeing the body from aberrations and blocks and alining its structure will establish the natural flow of energy in the body as well as between the person and the universe. Thus a person has the possibility to realize its full potential and to experience the oneness of all life.


The basic exercise in Zen-training is Zazen. 






Zazen training is basic to Zentherapy®.

Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi told us to sit Zazen if we wanted our lifes to improve.


He talks about Zen-training in this way:

(...)"Zen training and the Ways aim at the maturity of the human being. Maturity means being in the state of mind which can see harmony in disharmony, unity in opposition. Human life is full of activity which becomes automatic and can only be performed perfectly with practice, but where do we find training aimed at developing the inner life and not particular accomplishments. Because a person has more or can do more does not mean that he is more. But in pursuit, besides the prospect of developing skill, apart from any specific achievement, there is a chance to broaden one's outlook and attain to a greater degree of maturity. Then a person's effectiveness comes out of his essential being; who he is, not what he is. This is not due to the possession of certain abilities but to the releasing and cultivating of his personal nature..(...)

Die Hände des Samadhi
The hands of Samadhi